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TouchLight's mission is to help properties achieve Energy Independence.

TouchLight was founded in 2016 by an engineer who wanted to prove that for the world to achieve a green & sustainable future it would require all buildings, properties and cities to self-generate as much of their own electricity and break free of the traditional electric grid. Today TouchLight provides a suite of software and hardware solutions to help properties of all types break free of the electric grid and achieve energy independence while being cognizant of the environment. 

Beginning in 2016, TouchLight initially launched the Energy Tile [Previously known as the Power Pad] a device that when walked upon or driven upon generates electricity. As a spin out from research conducted by our founder the Energy Tile was developed to help cities and large commercial properties transform their parking lots and high traffic pedestrian walkways into power plants that provide data & reduce overall property energy consumption from non-critical devices. Properties that are using kinetic tiles may be able to offset enough energy usage to make ways for pairing smaller battery + solar systems to cover the energy needs of the remainder of the property, while providing the option to be isolated from the grid. 

From the creation of the Energy Tile, TouchLight’s has invested into development of unique energy management automation software, brokering partnerships with leading manufacturers of solar, storage and other advanced energy technologies that when paired with TouchLight’s Virtual Battery Software can save properties up to 40% on the cost of going energy independent. To further arm people with the information and tools to understand the value of independence and the positive environmental and financial impact it can provide TouchLight made its AI powered analytics engine EnergyIQ available for all to use and access. Providing homeowners to the largest industrial plants the ability to easily understand and see exactly what they can do to solve and resolve issues that could be costing them money, while also providing insights into the best suppliers to use to implement larger infrastructure related projects. 

With a focus to make sure everyone has access to clean & resilient energy while also providing the most affordable route to have access to all the energy you need, whenever you need it – TouchLight continues to push development on a series of tools, policy changes and partnerships to ensure you never have to worry about electricity and where it comes from ever again. A future where every building can be independent, but, have the ability to share power with others and work in a symbiotic way is a future we are building. Where energy is distributed in a way that puts individual property owners in the driving seat and provides electricity and the benefits that come with it to all. 


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