Touchlight is a smart software that makes a complex thing simple: we make solar and storage more affordable, and make the grid optional.

Since every home and family is different and our software optimizes for the highest efficiency and is catered for every home – so there isn’t usually a single answer to every question.

Common FAQ’s

How does TouchLight work & save me money?

TouchLight’s software – that is powered by AI – reprograms your smart thermostat, EV charger and other smart devices to reduce expensive energy usage all without sacrificing comfort. We do this by first analyzing your energy usage, estimating how much energy your major appliances use and finally creates a new reduced energy usage profile.  

Will I see a lower solar quote by using TouchLight?

TouchLight AI works like a grid operator for your home to automate energy efficiency. 

Most solar systems are over-sized for your actual use. Our AI gathers more accurate usage information than a human can to give your installers deeper insights and give you a quote that is more reflective of your actual power needs.

Your quote from our partners will also take into account TouchLight AI’s automated energy management software pricing. A more efficient house uses less power, meaning you won’t need as much expensive hardware

We know it can be a lot, which is why we train our partners thoroughly on our software so its easy for you to understand. Everything is done remotely, and the software is a fully automated system!

But does it cost me more money?

Being able to offer a more accurate quote than competitors can not only save you money on overruns but can result in saving thousands of dollars by identifying when home energy optimization removes the need for buying a second $10,000 – $15,000 battery.

Our software can also save you up to 30% on your annual energy consumption by making sure your home is using the power you produce efficiently.

With these savings, TouchLight comes in cheaper over the lifespan of your solar and storage system and improves your ROI on your solar + storage system.

We price on performance and charge a fraction of what we save you! The numbers are different for every home, so check in with us to get an assessment on your house today!

Do smaller homes that don’t use as much power benefit?

For homes that would traditionally only need one battery even before our AI, having TouchLight manage your house as a nano-grid still means far less reliance on your local utility (ie, saving more money). Even one-battery-houses traditionally might have to pull from the grid multiple times a day, but with our optimization they can go days or even weeks without pulling energy from their regional utility. In the case of a blackout, this may result in having power for 1 or 2 days longer than without. Our accurate analysis is able to provide these contexts for each specific customer to consider with their quote.

How does it cut annual energy usage by up to 30%?

Our AI references weather outside and inside the house, local utility rates, and historic temperatures you prefer indoors, and controls your HVAC to optimize your energy usage. It also optimizes how you pull from your energy storage system so that you’re using the power you’re producing from your solar panels and going longer without using power from the grid.

What data do we collect & analyze? How? Is it extra work for me as a homeowner?

It’s easy! We ask you to fill out a short form and with a few clicks you can submit your utility bills digitally to us via Utility API:

Utility API gives us secure access to your historic Electric data – that’s all we see and all we collect. We never see your password (it’s automatic and heavily encrypted).

Already have a smart thermostat? We can also include data from your thermostat usage for an even more accurate analysis on how much you can save!

What is our suggested solar + storage sizing to make the grid optional?

It depends on your needs! After we analyze the data we figure out what impact our software can deliver for you. Based on that impact we suggest the ideal solar + storage system size to provide 24 hrs of backup power without grid reliance.

What is a Virtual Battery & its value?

A virtual battery is using AI to expand the capabilities of your physical battery by optimizing the power usage of your home. It extends how far your power from your battery storage goes. This means keeping your lights on longer in a blackout, pulling significantly less power from the grid, avoiding demand charges from the utility and in many cases only buying one battery instead of two for the same performance.

What is included in each package?

Your subscription comes with a license to our software. In some occasions you may add on additional sensors and hardware that may improve the performance of the software to deliver even more savings. The only prerequisite to using our software is having a smart thermostat installed at your home. There are optional add-on solutions that we provide which give us the ability to further enhance the performance of your nano-grid. 

How does it actually work?

A solar panel and battery system and your home are all pieces of a home nano-grid, but they won’t work like a nano-grid without an operator. TouchLight’s AI is your artificial nano-grid operator that manages your energy input and output for you. We use a series of deep learning algorithms to optimize your new nano-grid and can result in annual energy savings of up to 30%!

It optimizes your energy usage so you don’t pull power from your utility when you have available solar, maximizes your self-reliance against blackouts, and minimizes your electric bill by only selling back your power at the best rates when you have more than enough for yourself.